My neighbor’s house is so cold

My neighbor’s house is so cold. I don’t know how she lives in a house that cold, but she apparently likes it to be fifty degrees in her house. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, she likes her house to be fifty degrees. It makes me sick just thinking about living in that cold of a house. I keep my house at about seventy-five degrees, so I couldn’t imagine what it would be like having a fifty degree house. I have only visited her like five times in the twenty years that I have lived here because her house is just too cold. I have her over to my house quite often, but I just can’t deal with the fifty degree house that she has. It must cost her quite a bit of money to run her air conditioner so much that it keeps her house at fifty degrees during the summer months. I guess it would be cheaper during the winter months though. I bet she hardly ever uses her furnace during the winter months. It doesn’t get super cold here where we live, but it does get down in the forties at times. Most of the time it is in the fifties during the winter months, so she probably doesn’t hardly use her furnace. I wondered if she kept her house so chilly so that she didn’t have to use her furnace, but then, I realized that she was spending a lot of money in the summer to use her air conditioner to keep the house down to fifty degrees, so I just don’t understand her logic.

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