I decided to pay back all of my debts

I ended up draining all of my wealth to do it, and I thought that I was ruined

I decided to pay back all of the people that I ripped off while working as the owner of an HVAC company, and I felt so much better about myself. I wanted to be rich, and I was willing to do whatever it took. I was an HVAC technician, but I knew that I was never going to become a wealthy man by just being a normal HVAC technician. I knew that I would have to start my own HVAC company to become rich, so that is exactly what I did. I also intentionally moved into an area that did not have an HVAC company for miles. I didn’t do this to help the people though. I chose this area to start the HVAC company because I wanted to be able to charge twice the price of what normal HVAC companies charged. I ripped off so many people while running that HVAC company. Sure, I was happy about the money, and I knew that these people would be willing to pay to keep their HVAC units running. I had many HVAC technicians working for me, but they never stayed around since I never paid them enough. I was willing to rip anyone off so that I could be wealthy. However, one day, I began feeling overwhelmingly guilty about what I was doing at the HVAC company. I decided that I was going to pay everyone back that I ever ripped off. I ended up draining all of my wealth to do it, and I thought that I was ruined. However, people respected me so much that I doubled my business, and I actually rebuilt all of my wealth back and more. It pays to have integrity.



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