I ripped off so many people while owning the HVAC company

Looking back through the years, I regret a lot of things that I decided to do as an HVAC technician.

I was an HVAC technician for my entire adult life, and I even owned my own HVAC company for the majority of that time. According to the standards of those around me, I was a very successful HVAC technician, but I knew that what I was doing was not a good thing. Sure, I was even able to retire early. I made so much money as the owner of the HVAC company that I never have to work again. However, I only became rich as the owner of the HVAC company because I took so many things from other people. Now, I know that HVAC companies have a bad reputation for overcharging people for HVAC repairs, but I actually deserved that reputation. My HVAC company was the only one in my town for miles, so I was able to charge people whatever I wanted to charge them, and I did. People used to get so upset with me, but I did not care. I underpaid the HVAC technicians, and I took so many shortcuts while working on HVAC units. Honestly, people could have died because of what I did to their HVAC units. I thought that it would be worth it to become rich, but because of the stress and the guilt, I ended up losing my family and my integrity. Sure, I retired wealthy, but I look back on my life and feel terrible. How could I have let myself become so greedy and terrible?


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