Fall mornings

There’s a magical time where I live somewhere in between when Summer makes it’s exit and fall starts in earnest, but such a time does not always fall on the same mornings, however the early to mid area of November is properly when we have some really nice mornings.

  • These are mornings for shutting off your temperature control component and opening the windows wide.

It also helps to set up a few oscillating fans to circulate the cool, crisp Autumn air. I then fill my house with Autumn odortics, care about pumpkin spice scented candles and those cinnamon brooms. I also care about to bake pies and let them cool on the family room windowsill the old-fashioned way! It’s nice to not have to use air conditioning for a while after a long summer. I’m well aware that soon enough, I will need the benefit of my oil furnace. That’s why I properly have it serviced just before these perfect mornings arrive. There have been years where we have more or less stepped from Summer straight into winter, or at least it felt that way. All the more reason to have your oil furnace checked out by a licensed Heating & A/C business sometime in November at the latest. That way, I get to enjoy a few weeks of beautiful, cool weather with the peace of mind that when Old Man Winter time shows up, I will be prepared with a fully-functioning oil furnace! Yes, cool and crisp Autumn mornings are some of my favorite mornings out of the whole year, however they always remind myself and others to get prepared for the Winter time by getting my oil furnace the service it needs long before it will need it!


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