Party got pretty wild

My friends and I are prone to some pretty foolish behavior from time to time, the people I was with and I generally are entirely mature, as we’re all far into our careers and making something of ourselves. However, when all of us drink as a group, all of us abruptly devolve back into overgrown children that play pranks on each other! When all of us decided to go to visit friends out of town, all of us all drank together at their house and had a low-key celebration; During the celebration, all of us realized it was getting pretty toasty inside… It was Winter after all, so the furnace must’ve been set pretty high. The people I was with and I tried increasing the thermostat settings, however the hosts had the thermostat locked. That’s when I figured out that I could reset the thermostat settings, and change the temperature from there! Once I did that, I set the plan to “cool” instead of “heat”, and waited for the hosts to notice. To our surprise, no 1 picked up on it! The people I was with and I carried on, forgetting all about how all of us shut the heating plan off using the thermostat, and wound up falling asleep! Not even many hours later, most of us were awake again – this time, it was the incredible coldness inside the house that was to blame. The people I was with and I all felt stupid for shutting the heating plan off, as it wasn’t even a funny prank! Once the heating plan was up and running again, the air quality started to improve considerably, and all of us were able to get some good sleep. I don’t suppose our friends will be playing host to these evenings spent in and drinking anymore!

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