Our fireplace is a permanent part of our home.

Many of the older homes in our area have the original fireplace still installed.

As a fireplace specialist, I can only hope that all of these people also have their fireplace inspected and taken care of.

A fireplace can be a good addition to anyone’s HVAC system. The furnace can quit working if something happens and you don’t have electricity. The furnace won’t work if it doesn’t have a source of power to keep it working. Many people now have generators, but not everyone. If you have a fireplace and the generator doesn’t work, or if you don’t have a generator, you then have an alternate source of heating for your home. The fireplace needs to be cleaned and maintained, just like your furnace, or other heating system. You don’t want to have a clogged chimney any more than you want clogged ductwork. The flue needs to be working properly to keep the smoke from coming back into the house. House fires are more likely if you don’t have the chimney or fireplace cleaned. I offer those services to my customers. I come in and clean the chimney. I inspect the chimney and the fireplace itself. I make sure the bricks of the fireplace are properly seated and able to keep the fire safely contained. People need to do their job by using dry wood. They also need to keep their fire contained with proper flooring that is fire safe, placed in front of the fireplace. A fireplace can be a good addition to your HVAC system that is permanent in the home, if it properly cared for.


Air conditioning worker