We were glad we had the new HvAC system installed.

My wife and I had been having a lot of problems with our HVAC system.

We had the system installed shortly after we bought our home.

We had now lived here twenty-five years when we had the new heating and air conditioning units installed. Shortly after, my wife and I looked around the house and decided it was time to move. We were laughing when we said it at the same time. It was funny how we had recently installed a new HVAC system, put a new roof on the house and even had the landscaping improved, not even thinking about moving. Now, here we were, looking at a beautiful home, and wanting to sell it. We had talked about moving to a seniors only community, and now we were actually going to agree to move. We called the realtor to have them give us a working price that we could agree on. I was surprised at the price she quoted. It was a lot more than we had anticipated. She told us that if we hadn’t had the new central heating and air conditioning installed, the price wouldn’t have been nearly that high. Along with the new duct work, roof and landscaping, we were looking at double the price we thought about asking. We aren’t sure how our kids are going to feel about us selling the house they grew up in, but we live in it and they don’t. My wife and I can live in a house that is smaller and easier to manage. We will also have a house that has thermal heating and air conditioning. I think we are making a good move.


furnace/heater tune-up