How is a portable air conditioner supposed to sound?

Last month, my central air conditioning unit had to be replaced.

I don’t like going without air conditioning.

I live in an area where I could have survived without AC for those two weeks,x but that doesn’t mean I would have liked it. My philosophy is that man created air conditioning to give us comfort. If I’m not using air conditioning, I’m telling him that he wasted his time. I love my comfort and without air conditioning I am not comfortable. So, when I was told it was going to take about two weeks before I could have a new air conditioning unit installed, i was upset. The first thing I did was to go to the local home center and purchase a portable air conditioning. I had the ceiling fans running, and I was able to take the portable AC unit from room to room and never be without my comfort. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask a lot of questions about portable air conditioning units. I thought that it should work the same as my central air conditioning. When I took my AC unit to my bedroom so I could get some rest, I couldn’t get to sleep. The AC unit made so much noise that I worried it was going to blow up. I took it back to the home center and told them about the AC unit. The man at the counter gave me another AC unit, telling me that the AC unit should not have been so noisy. I took this one home and I was glad to know that this AC unit was running quietly.

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