You need to wash your fan blades regularly.

I remembered when I used to visit my grandmother’s house.

She always had this large metal fan on the kitchen table.

It was there to help keep her cool when she was cooking. The grease and dirt of the kitchen would be on those fan blades all summer long. When summer ended, she would take that fan apart and carefully scrub the fan blades before putting the fan back together. I remembered this when I was looking at the ceiling fan in my kitchen. I was always complaining about our air quality. I was shocked when I realized that if Grandma’s fan was greasy and grimy, my fan had to also have grease and grime. It was pulling the heat off the floor so the air conditioning would remain to keep us cool. Along with the heat and AC, it had to be pulling up the grease in the air. If the grease was pulling, it was holding onto the odors and destroying my air quality. I got out my ladder and carefully peeked at the ceiling fan blades. I knew my assumptions were right on. There was grease and dust all over the fan blades, and I knew it had to be scrubbed. I looked at every fan in my house, and although they weren’t as bad as my kitchen ceiling fan, they were dirty. I then decided that whenever I had the furnace or air conditioning unit maintenance done, I was also going to clean every ceiling fan in the house. Our air quality is no longer bad, but it smells clean and fresh.

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