I scrubbed my air clean.

Nobody wants to walk into their home and wish they were walking into someone else’s home.

It sucks when your home becomes the one that no one wants to hang out at.

I thought it was just because I was a single guy. Hey, how many single guys are good housekeepers. I worked long hours since I didn’t have someone to come home to. I never mind the lousy air quality until I met a great girl. I wanted to bring her home, buit how could I when I had a house that smelled so bad. I called a friend of mine who was an HVAC technician and I asked for his help. He told me that I could have a blockage in my ductwork, so he sent a group of guys ovewr to clean the ductwork. Unfortunately, the odor came from somewhere other than the ductwork. The guys who had done the cleaning and sanitizingtold me that if I wanted them to, they could also clean all of my air vents. I never thought about the air vents, but since most of them were in the floor, I guess it was more than possible that they were filthy. Not only were they disgustingly filthy, but my air vents had dust and grease inside. The odor that came from them, was permeating my air whenever the heating or air conditioning came on. It was hanging in the drapes in my house and even on the ceiling fans. I had a cleaning company come in and do a complete cleaning of my home, from top to bottom. Thanks to the HVAC company, the ductwork cleaners and the cleaning company, my home is smelling good again and I can invite my girlfriend to my home.

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