Better be careful when playing football around the A/C condenser unit

It was the other day when I got a pretty interesting call to repair or replace an outdoor A/C condenser unit.

I brought the right A/C condenser unit in case it needed to be replaced.

When I got there, the owner felt really bad and said that he completely messed up. He explained that he was out there playing some football with his kids. When he went for the catch, he ended up crashing into the A/C condenser unit and banged it up really bad. I asked him if he was okay and he said he just had a few scrapes, but the A/C condenser unit was damaged pretty bad. The whole side of the thing was smashed in and I could tell just by looking at it that it was done. When he asked if I could repair the thing, I told him that I could try, but I didn’t think it would ever work the same again. I suggested that he go for the A/C condenser unit replacement. I told him I had the right replacement in my truck and I could replace it easily on the spot. He just had to pay for the cost of the new A/C condenser unit and the labor. He agreed because he didn’t want to have any troubles with his cooling system, so I got to work. It took me about 40 minutes to replace the A/C condenser unit, and when the new one was hooked up, I had them turn their A/C system on again. It was working beautifully and the A/C in the house was ice-cold. The customer thanked me for the work, and I just told him to be careful when playing football around the A/C condenser unit.


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