There was a time when I messed up after I completed my HVAC training

When I first started training to become an HVAC technician, I was really happy with the new career.

  • I learned as much as I could from my HVAC trainer, and then eventually, I was on my own.

I still didn’t feel entirely comfortable that I knew how to take care of everything, but my trainer said that I could call whenever I needed any help. I actually did just fine for a little while before I came across a job where I messed it up. It was actually this job where there was a refrigerant leak with a customer’s cooling system. I was able to fix the refrigerant leak just fine and everything was patched up. Even when I tested the cooling system, the air seemed to be cold. But there was something huge that I forgot and I can’t believe I let this slip my mind. Even the customers felt like I did a great job and they were thankful for my services. They even wanted to give me a huge tip, but I had to pass on that. It actually wasn’t until a few days later when I realized that I forgot to fill up their cooling system with refrigerant! You can’t just fix a refrigerant leak and not top off the cooling system with refrigerant! I ended up calling those people back and arranged for a time to come back. They didn’t even realize that there was a problem, but I had to be perfectly honest with them about my mistake. I refilled the refrigerant to their cooling system and then their A/C was way colder. They thanked me and said they appreciated me admitting to my mistake, because they had no clue there was an issue.
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