The guy I thought was annoying turned out to be very helpful

So we got the right parts and he swapped them out for me

There’s this guy who I work with who I always thought was annoying. He is always dominating everybody’s conversation and always talking about himself. He always wants to have parties at his house and he always says how he can help people out with whatever. One day, he was talking about how he had a lot of experience with working on heating and cooling systems. I was a little bit skeptical but I started talking to him about his experience with working on HVAC systems. He told me he had been doing this type of work ever since he was young and asked if I was having any issues with my HVAC system. I actually was having some trouble with my cooling system and I didn’t want to have to pay a fortune to have it fixed. We actually made an arrangement for him to come over and do work on the cooling system. I was a little bit nervous trusting this guy who wasn’t an official HVAC technician, but I decided I would see if he could live up to his word. He brought his tools over and found the parts that were causing the trouble. We went together to pick up the parts that were needed. He said it was important that I got the right OEM parts, or it would be pointless to even change them out. So we got the right parts and he swapped them out for me. He also cleaned out the inner workings of my HVAC unit. When he told me to turn on the cooling system, it was working great! This guy really did know what he was doing, and he earned my respect. He didn’t even charge me much for the repair work!

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