I don’t eat lunch in the breakroom because of the lousy temperature control settings

At the place I work, I don’t usually prefer going into the breakroom to eat lunch.

This is mainly because the temperature control settings are never comfortable in the breakroom.

They actually have a lock on the thermostat so you can’t even adjust the temperature control settings if you wanted to. They do have some really good vending machines in the breakroom though, and on occasion I will go in there to grab some snacks. Then I will usually go out to my car and crank up the A/C so I can enjoy my lunch. Other times I might actually go somewhere to pick up some food with the air conditioning system cranking the whole time. I do appreciate some of the food establishments in the area because some of them have good temperature control settings and good air quality as well. Well, the other day when I went to get a snack from the break room vending machine, my snack got stuck in the machine! I decided to put in more money to maybe get two snacks, but then both the snacks were stuck in there! Somebody who seemed familiar with this problem said they could help. They ended up rocking the vending machine until my snacks came falling to the bottom. I never would have done something like that, but I thanked the guy for helping me to get my snacks. I was asked why I never hang out in the breakroom during lunch, and I explained how I didn’t appreciate the temperature control settings there. A bunch of people agreed with me that they wished the temperature control settings could be adjusted in there.


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