Our political campaigns go best with UV air purifiers

They use HEPA air filters which take out 99.9% of harmful contaminants by themselves

I have been a political campaign manager for a number of years. We hire all kinds of campaign workers and it’s all about creating signs, advertising, planning rallies, and keeping our workers comfortable. When we are working in the office, we make sure that the temperature control settings are reasonable. As a matter of fact, I care a great deal about the air quality. This is why I decided to invest in a bunch of UV air purifiers in the venue we work at. This is great for our campaign workers accepting donations on the phones and for those working hard at putting the signs together. Everybody really appreciates the UV air purifiers especially because they work to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Nobody wants to get sick when they are working, and we are able to keep the spread of sickness to a minimal level thanks to those UV air purifiers. Previously I would just set up shop in a venue that has a good climate control system and sometimes a good air purification system, but the UV air purifiers are wonderful. They use HEPA air filters which take out 99.9% of harmful contaminants by themselves. The UV light killing those harmful pathogens is the icing on the cake! We have had plenty of successful campaigns, and we are getting really excited because our Mayor will be running again for re-election. During times like this, it’s all hands on deck. Time to make sure the HVAC system is running great and the UV air purifiers are ready to go!

Cooling expert