My brother was telling me how important fire safety is

My brother is a firefighter and honestly, he has to be one of the bravest men I know.

He has experienced countless brushes with death dealing with various buildings that were burning down. He has rescued children from buildings and many adults as well. I remember talking to him once about a few of his experiences. I was asking how he could deal with going in such an overheated building without any air conditioning or anything like that. He explained that his fire suit was able to block most of the heat from the fire and that when he was rescuing people’s lives, he wasn’t really worried about the air conditioning. He said of course when everything was done and the day was saved, he wanted nothing more than to go back home to his air conditioning system and take a cold shower. He has numerous burns where he would have to put ice-on it or just stay in a cold bath. He said the burns are never fun, but it’s worth it when you actually saved somebody’s life. He said some of the reasons for the fires were people just being irresponsible. Many people don’t get their chimney maintenance for their fireplace, and a fire can result from that. There also are numerous fires from people not attending their fireplaces which is very dangerous. Some people light candles and they catch something on fire, and other people leave their portable heaters unattended. My brother was telling me that it’s extremely important to educate family and friends about how to prevent fires from happening.

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