I was afraid when the bees tried to attack me in the garage

I’m actually delighted that Summer is finally upon us, since it’s been a rather long, chilly Winter time around this area.

Spring wasn’t all that better, either, to tell you the honest truth.

It was rainy plus brisk all Spring plus I was starting to wonder if the weather was ever going to warm up. Apparently, that kind of weather didn’t pose much of a drawback to the bee, hornet, plus wasp population because they seem to be doing superb around here. When I was cleaning out the garage plus trying to get all of our things for the summer down from the attic, I noticed a very alarming thing. I was moving all of our beach stuff down, like the boogie boards plus the beach tent, plus soon many hornets flew right at me! I screamed plus almost fell off the attic ladder although I managed to get back into the property without getting stung by a hornet. When I peeked into the garage later, I saw that it wasn’t just a few random bees out there! There was a constant stream of terrifying looking hornets flying in plus out of the garage. I thought that I must have disturbed their wasp nest when I was moving stuff in the attic. Well, I didn’t even make an attempt to go out there plus spray them on my own. I have dealt with wasps plus hornets in the past plus I knew that it was not a job for anyone other than a true professional. I reached out to one of the local wasp extermination companies plus made an appointment right away. Then I stayed far away from the garage until they made it to my property the next morning! They were able to safely remove all of the wasps plus now I can get back to the attic for our Summer season preparations.
Wasp Extermination