The bees in my property had to be relocated

I found a sizable amount of bees in the wall upstairs in my property a couple of weeks ago, and it was truly alarming to know that there was a gigantic beehive right next to myself and others in the wall of the upstairs powder room.

  • This was something that I had never even heard of happening before, so it was a really big surprise to me when I heard all of this buzzing plus then I observed something that I never had in the past before.

There was a good amount of moisture coming down the wall that I had never actually seen. When I was trying to discern where it was coming from, I was able to see numerous bees outside the powder room window. They didn’t look anything like wasps or yellow jackets, so at least that was reassuring. I was positive that they were honey bees, plus so at least I didn’t panic! But as I stood there carefully observing them to see where they were going, I started to register that there were more plus more bees flying all around outside of my second story window! That could only mean a single thing. I slowly placed my ear to the wall next to where I saw the bees flying in plus out plus that’s when I heard the sound of humming. I had basically chalked that sound up to the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment running in the past, however now I could honestly see it for what it actually was. It was a rather huge beehive right there inside my powder room wall. I wasn’t easily sure what to do next, so I looked up residential bee removal online. I reached out to a bee eradication plus rescue company to come plus rehome the bees because I wasn’t trying to kill them if they were real honeybees.