I had to remove a bunch of bees in my dwelling

I found a bunch of bees inside of the wall upstairs in our beach dwelling a couple of weeks ago.

  • It was undoubtedly unnerving to learn that there was a giant beehive right next to myself and others in the wall of the upstairs lavatory… This was something that I had never even heard of happening in the past, so it was an immense shock to myself and others when I heard all of this buzzing going on plus then I observed something that I never had before.

There was a bit of moisture coming down the wall that I had never noticed. When I was trying to figure out where it was coming from, I observed all kinds of bees outside the lavatory window. They didn’t look anything like wasps or yellow jackets, so at least that was extremely comforting. I was thinking that they were honey bees, so at least I wasn’t panicking. But as I stood there carefully watching them to see where they were going, I started to ascertain that there were more plus more bees going all around outside of our second story window! That basically could only mean a single thing. I slowly put my ear to the wall next to where I noticed the bees flying in plus out plus that’s when I actually heard the humming sounds. I had chalked that sound up to the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance running in the past, but now I was easily able to see it for what it particularly was. It was an enormous beehive inside our lavatory wall. I wasn’t particularly sure what to do about this situation, so I ended up looking up residential bee removal services online. I called a bee eradication plus rescue service to come plus retrieve the bees because I didn’t have the desire to kill them if they were honeybees.


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