I’m really enjoying working from home

I don’t really know how it’s going where you live, but here in our state, we’re in the second period of re-opening all the businesses.

My boss has decided that every one of us will do our job from home half the time plus from the office the other half of the time; Thus, I go into the office every other morning.

And my boss goes to work on the other mornings. I must say that I thoroughly enjoy doing my job from home. He thinks that people who work from home aren’t even working. I guess that is because he is not doing anything when he’s home! Personally, I have quite a bit of work I need to do every morning, so I do just as much of my job at home as I do in the office. The best thing about working from home is how I can sleep until it’s time for work, then I just crawl out of bed to turn on the laptop. I am getting a lot more sleep, which is lovely for me. The other fantastic thing is using our own a/c; Granted, the cooling plus heating costs have been much higher because I am using the cooling system all morning. I used to set the temperature control high when I left home for the morning. But I’m really enjoying the cooling system a lot more; Why? Because it works officially! The HVAC in the office building is crazy. I have to share an HVAC unit with another company across the hall. When I turn the HVAC completely off, it’s usually still running because they have it on! The cooling system is always too cold for me, so I keep a sweater on the back of my chair. I don’t like it. It is wasteful! The best thing about working at home is being able to control the a/c!