Our new HVAC is just amazing

I have dreaded this moment but, it’s now here and I can’t do anything else but just go with it.

Thanks to our awesome HVAC people, a bad situation has been made much easier. The HVAC tech that works on our system told me nearly 18 months ago to start planning for an HVAC replacement. The thing was over twenty years old and the signs were there that it was on its way out. I was glad to get the heads up because we set up a savings account for just that purpose. So now, there will be a new heat pump installed. The heat pump is the HVAC method of choice in this area. It’s such a versatile piece of equipment and does an incredible job with cooling the home in our long, hot summers. We get the temperatures around the high nineties for a four month period. But, that is offset by the rest of the year and how mild the winters are. The heat pump has always done a really great job for us. Our new heat pump is quite the upgrade. It will be more efficient and stronger in keeping the house cool. It has a SEER rating of 22 which is super efficient. This will allow our electric bill to lower significantly. The new heat pump even has a feature that can heat our hot tub in the winter! While I have dreaded having to replace the HVAC, I am starting to get excited. Now, that all there is to do but watch it installed, I am feeling really good about our HVAC upgrade.


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