Cutting down the bushes was a large mistake.

In our part the two of us experienced some rather intense storms. During the Summer the two of us can get tornadoes as well as thunderstorms that cause significant destruction. My mom always sad about the large pine trees that were located near his lake beach house as well as one Summer decided to have them split down. What he hadn’t realized was the fact that these trees gave most of his shade while in the day. I removing them he increased the temperature of his beach house significantly as well as had no way to cool it off other than changing the amount of use on his a/c. His utility bills went up significantly as well as he was complaining that he could not afford to cool the beach house any longer, not only has he had to spend money someone to remove the trees he was now paying nearly 25% more in his energy bill each week! She realized too late that this was a mistake as well as the only way the two of us could attempt to repair any of it was to have the insulation increased in the attic, once again he had to spend money to have someone do that as well. The two of us diagnosed sealing the windows as well as doors to help prevent the freezing air escaping however overall he will still have to spend money more each week. She had the trees removed because he felt it was going to possibly destruction his beach house one day although I believe he would have been better off to leave them. If you are fortunate enough to have shade trees to protect your beach house from the Summer sunlight you might want to believe twice before removing them.

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