My poor brother was heartbroken after investing so much into his relationship

When my brother was dating this young lady, he was head over heels in like it seemed; I would occasionally joke around with them about them being two like pigeons in addition to she would provide kind of a sad laugh.

  • It legitimately seemed like she wasn’t absolutely into him that much! She seemed to care more about the fact that he would get her all kinds of nice stuff, however he got them this membership to a spa so they could go enjoy that often.

He would take her out to high-priced restaurants in addition to everything. He even said that she was typically picky about the temperature control settings at venues they would go. He said a single time they had to ask the hostess 3 times to adjust the temperature control settings, in addition to then she stormed out of the venue while he followed. He admitted that she was legitimately spoiled, even though he also said there was nothing wrong with enjoying some fantastic a/c, especially in a expensive restaurant. He knew she enjoyed a/c so much, he decided to buy her this absolutely expensive window air conditioner unit, however this window air conditioner unit was absolutely high-priced in addition to he showed it to me before he offered it to her. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to spend all that currency on her. I mean this thing was awesome, it even had a built in smart control unit for remote temperature control adjustments. I thought he was just wasting his currency because I knew she didn’t absolutely like him, but eventually he l acquired that she was cheating on him, in addition to it broke his heart.