After getting my own temperature gauge, I learned how inaccurate my thermostat is

Sometimes even the most expensive items don’t operate as you’d expect.

This was the case with the last washing that I purchased.

When you have a good run with a particular manufacturer, you’re inclined to stick with their products when buying replacements in the future. At least this was my mind set with my laundry equipment. I bought a washer and dryer pair from one of the leading manufacturers of those machines. They were so good and lasted for so many years that I became loyal to the brand almost overnight. Anytime friends, family, or colleagues would ask about recommendations on washers and dryers, I always referred them to this company. This all changed last year when I bought one of their high efficiency washers. It barely agitates, does not fill with enough water, and it makes my clothes smell moldy now that I have been using it for a month. My smart thermostat for my central heating and cooling system was acting up as well. It wasn’t reading the temperature right in the house, and this is essential to operating the air conditioner or furnace properly. The system needs an accurate indoor temperature read or it won’t run when it’s supposed to. All I needed was a cheap temperature gauge for inside my house to determine that there was a problem. Before long, I discovered that the previous HVAC technician had not properly calibrated the thermostat with the rest of the system. I called a different HVAC technician who had it fixed in under an hour after he arrived. It’s important to remember two things—the cost of something doesn’t necessarily correlate with performance; and just because something seems broken, that is not always the case.
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