An odd place to find a use for heating as well as cooling.

My hubby appreciates enjoying those shows about searching for gold or diving for treasure.

I have to laugh because it seems that most of the people who venture out on these Expeditions seem a bit crazy, however they spend countless minutes out in the scorching Heat or the freezing freezing in hopes of finding some treasure that will make them their fortune, but in some cases it does toil out but in most of them it seems prefer a hopeless cause.

I happened to be in the room the other day when she turned on a program about digging for gold underneath the ocean in Alaska, then for the life of myself and others I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to do this because the water has to be freezing freezing all the time. They interviewed a girl who had ice on her mustache as well as I could never imagine anything being worse than that. They asked how the divers could stay underwater for several minutes at a time without getting hypothermia as well as she explained that each of the suits had heated coils that traveled throughout them to keep them warm… She explained that it works similar to a boiler plan in your home because the hot water with generated up top as well as then circulated throughout the divers suit. If that plan were to fail the diver could be in extreme trouble with in no time. I did find that section of the interview fascinating as well as never realized that a type of Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan would be used in such a way. I still think the people who head out on these expeditions are a bit absurd but at least they have found ways to make themselves comfortable while doing their work.

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