A weekend getaway gone south

My buddies and I made the choice to take a getaway 1 weekend… We were planning a getaway for the weekend and wanted it to be a venue that was warm and sunny.

We were having day dreams of sitting on the beach for hours at a time with not a care in the world, however my brother was able to get us a genuinely great deal on a hotel room. Without looking too much into the details of the room, the two of us pounced at the opportunity to book a great deal. Little did the two of us know, the hotel room did not have central air conditioning. I thought that for sure the two of us would be given the chance to cool off in my room after a long relaxing afternoon on the beach, but not a single room in this hotel had central cooling! I was not aggravated but this, but, some of the guys in our group were furious, the rooms had window device cooling systems, which in my humble opinion, are much better that central cooling, most of the guys turned their noses up to the method of window device AC, despite the fact that I loved it! The colorless noise of the window device cooling systems put me to sleep extremely quick. I was surprised that the other guys would not even supply it a shot. I did not mind and I was glad to have a hotel room to myself. The rest of the getaway was a great time! We went to fun bars and diners at night and lounged by the beach and pool during the afternoon.


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