Not what we paid for

My buddies and I decided to take a vacation a single weekend! The two of us were planning a getaway for the weekend as well as wanted it to be a place that was moderate and very sunny. The two of us were dreaming of sitting on the beach for hours at a time with not a care in the world, and my sister was able to get us a really amazing deal on a hotel room, but without looking too much into the details of the room, the people I was with and I jumped at the option to book a wonderful deal. Little did the people I was with and I know, the hotel room did not have central a/c installed, I was thinking that for sure the people I was with and I would be able to cool off in our room after a long relaxing afternoon on the beach, but not a single room in this hotel had central cooling! I was not worried about this, but some of the girls in our group were furious. The rooms had window equipment a/cs, which in my opinion, are much better than standard central cooling, then some of the girls turned their noses up to the method of window equipment AC, although I loved it! The pale white noise of the window equipment a/cs put myself and others to sleep legitimately fast. I was surprised that the other people who would not even give it a shot. I did not mind as well as I was cheerful to have a hotel room to myself. The rest of the vacation was a blast! We later went to fun bars as well as eating establishments at evening as well as lounged by the beach as well as pool during the afternoon.

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