It's sounds weird, but we know it's true

I have hated change my entire life.

There is something about a routine that gives me a sense of security.

I know this must sound absurd but it’s true. I need a sense of structure to be able to get through life with minimum amounts of turmoil. But that all got thrown right out the window. First, I got furloughed from a plant I had worked at my entire adult life. Then I found out real quick that not too many other places were looking for a worker my age. This threw all that routine into complete chaos. I once spent my day in a nicely air conditioned plant. Then, I was pounding the pavement in order to find any work. Finally, I took matters into my own hands. I figured my experience was worth something so I started consulting to automated manufacturers. This required my first office. That office turned out to be the mudroom off the back of my home. There was nothing office like about the space. Particularly, there was just no HVAC at all. When I started all this it was winter. I couldn’t work for more than fifteen minutes at a time in my office because it was so cold. I called up a friend and he and I installed a mini split heating and cooling unit in what now was my office space. It turned out to be really great. The mini split does a great job in both the winter and the summer. And, I am now making more money than I was at the plant.