Pet Fur Can Give Your HVAC a Real Problem

We are a dog and cat foster home.

  • This is not a euphemism.

There is actually such a thing. My wife, son and I have dedicated a part of our home to be a temporary safe place for dogs and cats who need a new home. There are so many loving people who just simply have situations where pets no longer fit in. They don’t want to abandon these animals so that’s where we come in. A person will bring us a cat or dog and we have a network who gets to work finding these sweet animals a new home. It is a wonderful way to give something back to society. But, the fur and dander situation just about killed my HVAC unit. When we started being a foster home for pets, we planned it all out very carefully. We took a thousand details into account to have an organized, clean and safe place for temporary housing. However, I must have lost the notes on what impact these animals would have on my HVAC. After the first month or so, I noticed that the heat pump seemed to be running a lot. I marked it down to the coming summer and let it go. But then July rolled around and the HVAC was laboring. It couldn’t even keep up with demand. So, I checked what I knew to check. Everything looked to be in order until I came to the air filter. The air filter was jammed with fur and dander. It was so thick you couldn’t see through it. I was appalled at my stupidity. First, I should be changing the air filter every 30 days anyway. But, to let my HVAC struggle for 2 months was stupid.

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