She is ruining my fitness class

My brother’s fiance and I have literally nothing to talk about.

  • The two of us have not gotten along since he brought her home.

Since they are about to get hitched though, I have started putting more effort forth. I thought what we needed was an activity together. I found that my fitness center offered group classes. The class I signed up for focused on weight lifting. I was super excited to tone up my arms and build muscle in my overall body. My brother’s fiance immediately hated the class. She has complained about looking like a man because she is building muscle. She complains about the fitness expert leading the class, the other people in class and the time class is at. She also doesn’t do all the exercises given. She will frequently just stand there on the mat doing nothing. I don’t really want to be associated with her. I am appalled that she just doesn’t do exercises or half does them. I love the personal trainer leading the class. His enthusiasm and weight lifting drills are amazing. I love how my arms look now and the people in class are great. I have thought about asking her not to come to class anymore. The class is a positive experience for everyone. Everybody is happy to be there. She is wrecking the vibe of the fitness class. This is definitely not the thing that will bond the two of us together. I should have her pick the next activity we try. Hopefully it is nothing fitness related.


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