Corporate wellness program is a success

I work in the loading bay for a major corporation.

For years the guys and I would load up trucks, operate heavy machinery and then go home at the end of the day.

Since the world is changing and people are eating worse and getting less mobile, the crew has gotten fatter over the years. Due to the added weight and less mobility, we started seeing more on site injuries. A ton of guys started leaving work due to injuries. Not only was it expensive for the company to pay for injured leave, but it was leaving the rest of the guys to pick up the slack. The company then invested in a corporate wellness program. The business pairs with a personal training center that offers fitness classes. The company demands the warehouse guys go to a fitness class twice a week. The other three days the class would be totally free. Taking a fitness class on the weekend, at the personal training center, would be half off pricing. I have taken full advantage of all those deals. I now attend the fitness center 7 days a week. I go religiously after work and on the weekend I start my day working out. I have lost a ton of weight and gained muscle. I learned how to fall and catch myself, pick up heavy objects safely and many other useful skills too. I have even talked to my company about giving my wife the discount for the fitness classes as well. It has been such a great thing for me.