Health and recovery program due to my back

A year ago I fell off one of the roofs I was working on.

  • The team had to rush me to the hospital and I was out of work for months.

My back got totally mangled and I had to do physical therapy. I went to get massages, stretched regularly and even relied on CBD products for pain relief. My back started to feel good enough to where I went back to work. After a long work day however, the pain levels were intense. I had trouble sleeping and I just gave up working out entirely. I put on some weight, lost confidence and started to feel depressed. Thankfully a friend of mine intervened and told me about a core progression fitness center in town. They offered health and recovery programs for people like me. Some of the people were older that wanted to gain mobility. There were a few students with sports related injuries. However, the majority of people doing the recovery programs were like me, injured on the job. The health and recovery class has been life changing for me. I learned how to properly stretch my body and work my sore muscles. I also got to work out for the first time with no pain. Now I go to work and hit my fitness class afterwards. I do my fitness class five days a week. On the other days I either get a massage or stretch on my own. My pain levels have significantly reduced since taking my class. I also have lost quite a bit of weight.

Heath and Fitness Center