The gym transformation into a personal training center

The gym in our town used to be quite a dump.

It was always dirty with rundown or out of commission fitness equipment. The gym membership fees were cheap and you got what you paid for. I always wore shoes in the shower and getting a working treadmill was rough. The gym recently changed owners. The new owners basically started from scratch. The gym was closed for months while renovations were being done. All the fitness equipment was tossed and replaced with new. The locker rooms were totally gutted and redone. Next, the look and feel of the gym is totally different. Rather than a basic gym with membership fees, there is now a personal training center in its place. The new gym is twice as expensive, but twice as good. In order to work out there, you have to do some form of personal training. You can pay for one on one attention or be in a group. The idea behind this is that someone is actively handling your fitness regime. The gym even offers nutritional counseling to attack weight loss from a different direction. There are a variety of other classes available like yoga, spin class, couples fitness and even weight training. The gym has totally undergone an amazing transformation. I did think I would hate always having a fitness expert around. I have to say though, it is nice getting a work out trainer when I pay such a high membership fee. It makes me feel like I am actually getting my money’s worth with a quality experience.



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