Work out plan to look good on my brother’s wedding day

I am in a permanent state of being sore

My brother is getting married this summer and my goal is to look good on the wedding day. First, his bride to be picked out a really unflattering dress. The dress is strapless, short and made from a clingy fabric. I notice my arm fat, jiggly legs and muffin top every time I put it on. Next, I don’t want my unflattering body being showcased in pictures years to come. I am being proactive about my weight loss all the way until the wedding. I found a fitness center that gives you a health and workout plan. First, you do nutritional counseling and decide on what is a healthy meal plan. Then you do either private or group fitness classes at the training center a few days a week. On the off days you are in charge of eating right and continuing your workouts. The work out plan I have is intense. The group fitness classes are almost better for me. I like being able to partner up with someone and complain about how sore I am. At home it is harder to get motivated but I don’t want to lose the strength and stamina that I have built overtime. I am in a permanent state of being sore. I have noticed that I have lost a lot of weight around the middle and my arms look slimmer. I know that my workout plan is going to change into incorporating weight lifting next. I am afraid to do that but I need it in order to look good.

Personal Fitness Trainer