Fitness training for a marathon

I have been looking into a wide variety of training methods. I want to get in shape in order to run a marathon with my brother at the end of the year. Googling marathon training methods is intense. There is so much information and advice out there on how to get in shape. I have gathered that just running right out my front door is not the way to go. I need to first invest in a good pair of sneakers, stretch before and after my runs and also work my way up to marathon numbers and times. I am thinking about consulting with a personal fitness trainer as well. There is a core progression near me that offers private and group fitness training classes. I think I want to do a private once a week class with a fitness expert. I basically want him to tell me how I should train for a marathon. I am guessing there are technical things that I am doing wrong. I am sure there is a correct way to run. I bet my strides, foot placement and arm swings are not good. I know that I breathe really stupid when I run too. I want the fitness expert to get me running easier, faster and build stamina. It will be worth getting professional help in order to feel confident on the big day. I do however, want to run the full marathon numbers on the actual day. It would be no fun running a full marathon around my hometown. I want to basically only run the full thing once and on the day I am required to.

Personal Training