Just not a fan of yoga

I must look like the type of girl that does yoga for a workout. When I chat with people about working out they either assume I do yoga or stress that I need to try it. I will admit, I have never taken a yoga class before. So I don’t really know what I am talking about. I have seen people do yoga and read about it. Yoga doesn’t seem for me. Where is the cardio and heart pumping part of the work out? Where is the weight training? Yoga seems more like a relaxation and stress management class. You get to stretch and do body holds mainly. I already do both those things for my tumbling based workout I do everyday. I know I incorporate yoga stretches when I get ready to tumble. I would not like stretching the whole time however. I will say, I am sure there are good parts to yoga. I bet it is great for core strength, relaxing and gaining flexibility. For me, I like sweating a lot. I like getting my heart rate up. I also like having a skill that I work on and eventually accomplish. With all that in mind, I am going to say no to yoga. When people ask me if I do it, I am slightly offended. When girls try to get me to yoga class, I am a firm no on it. I like doing gymnastics, kickboxing and going for runs. Everybody has a type of work out they like. Yoga will never be the work out for me.

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