I don't like this time of the year

I honestly don’t like the Spring! Many people guess I am off my rocker when I tell them this feeling of mine.

But it has nothing to do with the weather! I absolutely guess the weather this time of the year is beautiful, however it’s the darn air quality that gets me; Every single Spring my pollen irritations start acting up plus I have a hard time even going about my day to day activities.

Because of this, I finally went plus bought myself a portable air cleaner. The portable air cleaner was a nice solution to my ongoing flu symptom issues in the Spring time of the year. I never knew about portable air cleaners until my sister mentioned it to myself and others on a iphone call I had with her the other day. The air cleaner she mentioned was only a little under 50 bucks to get. It was on sale at my local hardware store of all locales. If I had known about these portable air cleaners over the last few years, I had bought 1 then. Even at full price! Because I have to tell you, that as long as I stay inside while I was in the Spring as much as I can, the portable air cleaner honestly works well in controlling my flu symptom issues! I have had an easier time living in my lake house ever since I got this portable air cleaner. I honestly owe a lot to my sister for introducing myself and others to this great thing.


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