Another HOA HVAC Overreach

There are the cutest couple living just down the street from my wife and I.

They are just starting out their lives.

It’s really sweet to watch them make steps into living that adult life. It is their first house as well. They both have masters degrees and really well paying jobs. Pretty impressive to be able to buy your first home in a gated community. However, I have spoken to the young man and he has indicated that the house put a bit more pressure on the budget than he had hoped for. In an effort to cut costs they do a lot of their own work around the home. Well, one of the things they did with their HVAC unit just ran afoul of the compliance arm of the HOA. We all get the reasons that an HOA is even necessary. There is definitely a need to protect property values as well as maintain a certain standard. I just don’t know why they pick on homeowners with the most trivial stuff. The kids down the street tried to spruce up the outdated HVAC condenser cabinet by painting it. They actually did a real nice job. But, it was not the proper shade of green according to the HOA. The compliance officer noted the color change which brought further scrutiny. Apparently, the condenser unit need to have some sort of visual barrier as well. I look around the neighborhood and I’d say less than half of the homes have their HVAC camouflaged. I simply don’t understand why they feel the need to pick on these young people with stupid minutia like this petty HVAC stuff.

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