Converting wood burning fireplace into a natural gas heater

When we built our home, my husband and I installed a wood burning fireplace in the living room.

We thought this would be a great way to trim heating costs.

Our new home is surrounded by a thick forest. There’s plenty of trees to chop up and burn at no expense. We quickly learned that there’s a lot of labor involved. The job is exhausting and then we hauled the dirty wood into our house and created a mess. Starting the fire was not a simple task, and once it was burning, we dealt with soot, ash, sparks and smoke. We built a fire twice before we decided it was just too much work. Our fireplace became a decoration for several years. About a year ago, I got the idea to convert the wood burning fireplace into a natural gas alternative.The gas insert has eliminated the task of gathering firewood. The system is controlled by cordless remote and with the tap of a button, we have heat. Our model features a timer that allows us to program operation. Because there’s no actual fire burning, there are no sparks or fumes to worry about. The gas fireplace is a much safer heating option. It’s also a lot less maintenance. It doesn’t produce any creosote or ash, so I don’t need to worry about cleaning it after every use. I simply schedule annual service from a licensed HVAC contractor. The gas fireplace offers quite a bit more warmth that a traditional wood burning fireplace. It includes a built-in blower that helps to circulate the heated air throughout the home. Because the natural gas creates less emissions than wood burning options and burns cleaner, they are more environmentally friendly.

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