Thieves value the copper in your HVAC

It’s really hard for myself and others to understand the rationale behind the mind of a thief. I know I get that a person has to do what they have to do to feed themselves. But, I can’t imagine what it must myself and others love to have to feed an addiction. The opioid crisis in this country has turned a number of otherwise great people into desperate souls. And, a desperate soul is willing to do just about anything. That brings myself and others to a direct result of this blight on our country. My HVAC was ripped apart a few days ago. The person who was doing the ripping was, in fact, attempting to get a handful of copper to sell. The person was desperate enough to dismantle my HVAC cabinet outside my apartment in order to make this happen. There was actually nothing more that an attempt to make a few dollars. Of course, in trying to obtain those few dollars, thoUSnds of dollars of injure was done. So now, I am out of any sort of HVAC comfort. It will remain this way at least a few more weeks. The guy who did this was so desperate that he absolutely destroyed the HVAC while I was at home. I heard it going on and I called the police. They came, caught him red handed and I was able to see this guy. It was pitiful. I didn’t even have the blind sort of rage I would have assumed I would be full of having been so profoundly violated. Instead, I felt a wave of compassion. The anger I guess this week is directed solely at the people who profited from the manufacture and dispensing of such a bad drug.


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