Her friend was the culprit

The owner of the local HVAC company was recently the object of theft. I’m only hoping that she doesn’t need to close her doors because of this. This HVAC company has been in our town for a couple of decades. No matter who tried to locate here and start their business, they could never upstage the current HVAC company. She was a whirlwind when it came to business and she did it well. When the owner started to get older, she decided it was time to hire someone to run the office. She knew the office manager well and that was the beginning of her downfall. The new office manager was excellent at her job and she was good with the computer. Come to find out she was a bit too good. The owner trusted this woman and she never thought she could do this to her. She just couldn’t figure out where all of the money was going to. There was no way she could have known that her friend had a gambling problem. Whenever there was a part ordered, she put a higher amount in the computer and kept the remainder. When there was a new system, there was always an added cost to the furnace or air conditioner, that couldn’t quite be accounted for. Over the course of three years, the woman had taken almost $100,000 out of the account. When the HVAC company owner found out what was happening, she immediately called the police and turned her in. I just hope the HVAC company can rebound from this loss.

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