They don’t have real HVAC techs

I have a hard time believing that anyone would still use the local HVAC company after all that they have done.

The local HVAC company has become infamous in our town.

They have been ripping people off for a long time, and they have a terrible reputation. The HVAC company owner has a reputation for hiring a lot of people that don’t have their HVAC certification. I think that the owner is the only true HVAC technician in the entire company. If you have the right HVAC tools and you don’t mind losing a paycheck every so often, you can get a job with this HVAC company. Since these people aren’t really HVAC technicians, it can take them forever to service your furnace or air conditioning system. This means that the price gets higher the longer they are in your house. They charge you what a certified HVAC would charge, even if they aren’t real HvAC techs. They have also been found selling used furnaces and air conditioning units while the people think that they are purchasing brand new. They also use parts in your HVAC unit that have already been used. Nobody who knows anything about this HVAC supplier will continue to hire his technicians. The only people who will hire this HVAC company are those who have just moved here and have no knowledge of this HVAC company. The only thing I can hope is that he soon gets shut down so he can’t continue with his illegal actions and ripping off innocent people.

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