The HvAC technician was cheating us

The HVAC company that we have been using for the last twenty years, has begun to take advantage of us.

I couldn’t believe that the company was taking so much money from us.

They were actually stealing from us, but they were doing work that wasn’t needed. We figured this out when the HvAC tech came to do our servicing. He was always telling us about the work that needed to be done to the furnace or the air conditioning unit. At one point, he gave a big list of parts that we wanted. Normally he would turn in the list and the secretary would call us for the estimate, but he gave us the estimate himself. We never did get a phone call from the HvAC company. It seemed that we weren’t talking to the HVAC company at all, and we were only dealing with the HvAC technician. I was really upset over all of this and I finally had enough of it. I called the HvAC company and demanded to talk to the owner. I told him what was going on and that I wasn’t happy. He told me that the HVAC technician I was talking about had been fired about a year earlier. Apparently, he was using us to make money, since he didn’t have a job. I was furious, but there isn’t much I can do since there are no forwarding addresses for him. I thought the HVAC company would help to reimburse me, but they didn’t even offer. Now I am out thousands of dollars with no recourse.


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