Happy about my new radiant heated floors, bummed that my team lost

Well, it doesn’t matter, there’s always next year

This year for the Superbowl, a lot of people invited me to come over to their Superbowl party. Well, the thing is, I just had a new upgrade to my HVAC system. I had radiant heated floors installed and honestly, I was a little spoiled by my new heating system. I seriously just wanted to spend time with my family and a few friends at my place. I didn’t want to have to entertain a million guests, just a handful who could appreciate my radiant heated floors with me. Some people seemed upset that I turned down their invitations, and others were perfectly understanding. The people I invited over were happy and excited about my radiant heated floors almost as much as I was. It would be our first time watching the Superbowl with radiant heated floors! So of course we had all the goods, pizza, wings, chips, dips, and all kinds of drinks and snacks. Even though the comfort in my house was exceptional, I was still disappointed when my team lost in the end. I thought we had a chance since the score was tied at halftime and the halftime show was pretty good. Then in the final quarter, my team just got crushed and it was heartbreaking. Well, it doesn’t matter, there’s always next year. At least I will continue to enjoy the comfort from my new heating system and that makes me feel better. I still think the refs were making one sided calls though against my team! It seemed like they weren’t calling anything on the other team.

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