I don’t have the money to keep fixing a broken down HVAC system

When I had a bad dream about having all kinds of HVAC system problems, I thought I had to do something.

Then it came to me that I hadn’t changed the air filter in forever.

It occurred to me that similar problems certainly could happen if I wasn’t changing my air filter as I should. I typically would always remember to change my air filter every other month, but lately I had been forgetting and I would go months at a time without changing the air filter. I came to realize how wreckless this behaviour was with the HVAC system and it’s appropriate what my subconscious worked out for me in my dream. So I decided to get a good air filter right away and I swapped out the old one. I also figured it would be best to order a bunch of air filters online to have them ready to go when I needed to change the air filter. This way, I would not have an excuse to forget about changing the air filter, I would have them right next to the HVAC system ready to go! I remember being entirely aggravated in the dream about having to pay a ton of money for emergency HVAC repairs and it was a very unsettling feeling. I felt like no matter what I did in the dream, my HVAC system would just continue to break down over and over again. I honestly hope that doesn’t happen to me in real life. I really don’t have the money to keep fixing a broken down HVAC system.


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