My parents have found a beautiful place to retire

I visit my parents sometimes in a very pleasant area of the country.

The scenery is beautiful, with lakes and rivers and rolling hills.

The weather is quite pleasant throughout a good portion of the year. It’s their little slice of paradise that they have retreated to in their retirement. It’s quite different from the area they raised me in. We grew up in the Midwest for the Summers could be quite sweltering and the winters were nearly always brutally cold. My parents wanted to escape from such extreme weather when they retired, and I don’t blame them at all. After all, they barely need to rely on climate control at all where they live, at least in comparison to where they used to live. There are few summer days in which the air-conditioning really is needed. How many summer days there is a wonderful cool breeze to take advantage of if they open their windows. Winter can get cold, and they certainly use their heating unit more than they do their air conditioning in the end. However, it’s not as freezing as where I grew up, and there are winter days when the heat is barely necessary. I must say that I envy them, because I’m still living in the town that they raised me in! It has its charms, but I’m still dealing with extreme temperatures and the constant need for HVAC. I still rely on an HVAC company more than ever, so it’s nice to have one that is reliable. Not everyone can live in paradise.

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