Reasonable settings on the thermostat save money

I have a hard time keeping my family in line when it comes to not touching the thermostat.

It’s quite simple: I pay the electric bill and so I enforce temperatures that are cost-effective and not excessive.

Trust me, my wife and children are not freezing in the winter nor are they sweating in the summer. Perhaps if they grew up freezing in the wintertime and sweating in the summertime as I did, they would appreciate that less is more when it comes to climate control. My settings ensure that we are at least comfortable, their preferred settings seem to be making the house downright cold in the summer and far too warm in the winter. I don’t think I’m too strict. I do drop the temperature a couple of degrees at night in the summer because my wife prefers it. It’s not that I don’t appreciate that it feels pleasantly cool and crisp in our room at that point. It really does. Then one of my kids goes and drops it even further while we are asleep. As a result, I’m seriously considering getting a programmable thermostat with some sort of lockout feature. At that point, only me and my wife will be able to access the thermostat and that’s the way it should be. I always tell my kids that when they finally get their own place and pay their own bills, then they will be able to set the temperature on the thermostat to whatever they desire. I then often remark that by then, they will more than likely have learned the value of a dollar and may end up being as “cheap” as their old man.



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