There is such a thing as too much climate control

No matter what time of year it is, the temperature in my office is never set to something that I find comfortable.

  • I do not know who is in control of the thermostat.

The controls are locked and require a 4-digit pin to operate. It doesn’t matter, because whoever controls the thermostat doesn’t consider the other employees. It is freezing cold in the office, especially during the summertime. The air conditioner is abused like you wouldn’t believe and it feels like it’s on full force all day long. Then, the wintertime comes and it’s just the opposite problem. Someone really doesn’t like the cold weather during winter and clearly prefers sauna like conditions in the office. Thus, I find myself sweating and forced to shed my sweater or jacket and still feel quite warm. This is a very strange way to live. In the summertime, I make a point of taking my lunch break outside to get relief from the frigid air conditioning. The hot air that should normally feel sweltering, feels awesome when I first walk out of the building. I also dip outside during my breaks in the wintertime to get some cooling relief from the heater. It makes me wonder how much money we are paying in electric bills every month for this office space. Would it kill them to set more moderate temperatures on the thermostat? Nearly everyone in the office agrees that they go overboard with climate control. Sometimes, I am literally hoping that the whole thing will break down so that we get relief and that’s really backwards!

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