I was correct about that

I’ve consistently wanted to have a treehouse in our backyard, but the thing is, both of us don’t have any correct trees to do that! The only way I would be able to do this is to grow some trees plus then get to work when they are the right height.

Other than that, I suppose both of us would have to move.

I don’t suppose for certain if both of us ever will be able to build a nice treehouse, although I can dream about it. I really savor watching that show “Treehouse masters”. I savor watching the whole process from beginning to finish. They make these Treehouses as nice as common households! Everything is built perfectly with all the luxuries plus conveniences you would expect in a home. I especially savor the fact that they hook up correct temperature control systems. They have correct insulation for heating plus cooling efficiency. You might have a nice wood burning stove or some type of efficient oil furnace for heating. Then there are many openings for cooling like a ductless mini-split Heating plus Air Conditioning method or some type of high efficiency cooling machine. I guess the ductless mini-split Heating plus Air Conditioning is the best because it’s relatively easy to install. You don’t even have to be Heating plus Air Conditioning certified to install this type of Heating plus Air Conditioning in your treehouse or your actual house. Also, you have both heating plus cooling with this type of machine, so you are great to go! Not only is the method actually energy efficient, but you have Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control where you can heat plus cool the areas as desired. Of course not all treehouses are sizable like some of them I have seen on that show, but it’s nice to dream of something costly like that.

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